Is it Time for a Change?

If you’re into personal development, or just getting into it, this article will present something that you need to know and carry with you.

Our own unique perception often blinds us in a way that can stunt growth and block change.  Growing up, we are initiated into patterns of thinking, defense mechanisms, belief systems, and an overall way of seeing the world.  Observing and mimicking, we learn to respond to and see the world the same way that those around us do.  We have to, it’s oftentimes the only example we have.  We even adopt movement patterns of those heavily in our presence growing up (it’s common to see parent and child have the same posture and way of walking).  As well, there are things that become ours that may not be handed to us, but they aren’t always consciously chosen by us: defense mechanisms.  Thus, we can say that most of “who we are” is given to us.

I’ll share with you pieces of what was given to me either through observation or from learned behavior that served me as a child (that I’ve identified so far).  A tall male intimidated by the world and fearful of others.  Belief that the world and life is happening to me and that I don’t have control.  I am a lesser individual.  Was brought into ideas of Catholicism but never understood it.  Sports are how I can be expressive (and even then it’s all about fundamentals).  People who don’t play sports or aren’t athletic are useless.  Time that is not spent doing something is time wasted.  I must be financially successful, highly respected, and operate within the walls of what is right (right by my family’s standards).

These perceptions and behaviors that are given to us will remain unless there is purposeful intent to modify them.  But that is the last step in the sequence and there are far more beforehand.

Here we are discovering all that has been given to us, has not been consciously chosen by us.

It’s time to direct this at you.

It is absolutely vital that you understand your ability to observe what your own unique perceptions and patterns are.  Once you’ve done this you must question yourself.  What do you actually believe?  How do you actually feel about this?  Do you want this to continue?

It is your own conclusion.  you are taking everybody else out of this, all other influences.  You must really check in with yourself.  Question your own reality.

What happens when you’ve identified a pattern, belief or defense mechanism that is not yours?  One that you’ve decided is not helping you in your current state of existence?  It’s time to let go of it.

We call this peeling off the layers.

Removing that which is not yours, but that which you are holding on to.  Removing these parts of you will be among the hardest experiences you’ll go through.  Know that this is the process of getting to the core, the core of you.  The core is where peace, love, and purpose lie…

This term we use: growth.  I’ve come to realize that it is really excavating.  Shedding skins.  Stripping away.

“Growth” is misleading.

To grow we must remove.


With Love and Curiosity,



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