7 Days of Live: Instagram or Facebook

Happy Saturday all!

I have started a challenge I am calling the “7 days of live.”

Each day the objective is to hop on your Instagram or Facebook, whichever you find comfort in, and do a live video.  The live video must be at least 2 minutes.  The content can be anything you choose it to be.  It can range from reflections, happenings of the day, manifestations, feelings, emotions, teachings, to silence.  It’s whatever you want it to be.


I think the real question is ‘why not?’  What comes up for you when you think about putting yourself on a live video every day for a week?  For me it’s fear and unworthiness.  “Nobody wants to watch me – I have nothing of value to give.”  These are feelings about ourselves that are worth exploring.  All of our reasons are different, you must find yours.

Social media can be a realm of putting on faces.  Whichever face that we want people to see.  A live video provides the ‘in the moment’ realness of what’s really going on with you.  Who you really are.  You’d be surprised to realize that many of your followers don’t know this side of you, yet this is the real you.


If this sounds like something that is calling you, I invite you to join myself and a community of people who are taking on the challenge.

If it sounds cool to you but just not something that you would do, feel free to use me and the challenge as an excuse to do it.

I am on instagram @sitwithmitch.  Shoot me a message and I can connect you with others who are joining in on the challenge.  Nobody is alone.

With Love and Curiosity,



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