“I Can’t Change” Said the Liar

The biggest lie I ever heard.

“I am unable to change my circumstance.”  Stuck.  Forever.

At any moment in life there are infinite possibilities of where your life could go.  It is you that limits them.

An Olympian is not different from you.  A meditator is not different from you.  A neuroscientist is not different from you.  A successful business owner is not different from you.


And Your Body

And Your Mind

Are capable of any of these feats.  (Or at one time were).

They are not different from you because humans are all made of the same stuff.  We all start from the same place as a newborn with infinite human potential.

What is different is our environmental upbringing, opportunities, and conditioning.  Because of your environment and the people around you growing up, you might have stiff hips.  You might have trouble learning and sitting still, you might have a terrible relationship with money, You might be uncoordinated, you might feel unworthy of love.

To accept that these things can’t be changed, is to shoot yourself in the foot.  You’re not giving yourself the chance.

Of course you can’t change, because you don’t think you can.  You won’t try.  It’s actually very logical.  Non-belief + Non-action = No change.




You have to believe this.

This is only the first step on the path.  It is not an easy path or a short path, but it is a path of reward, treasure, and freedom.

It is a path that has relieved myself of physical pain, chronic anxiety, and self-limiting beliefs.  I’m so grateful for this path.

With Love and Curiosity,


(Thoughts, Questions??? Email me @ sitwithmitch@gmail.com)


2 thoughts on ““I Can’t Change” Said the Liar

  1. I love your writing Mitch! I hope people find it and get inspired. Don’t stop!


    1. Thanks, Justin! I appreciate it. It’s been a leap to start putting it out there

      Liked by 1 person

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