Explore Your Human

I use the word human often.  It’s with a purpose.  You are not just a man.  Not just a woman.  You are human.

Human is something bigger.  It is our being.

our nature.

our animal.

As much as we try to separate from the natural world, there is the underlying reality that we are of it.

Being of this natural world comes with certain necessity, to the extent of which we aren’t fully sure of, and probably will never be sure of.  But we are fairly sure of some of these necessities: air, water, food, shelter, movement, sleep, physical touch, community, contemplation…  And more.

The first half of the examples I presented are things we cannot physically live without.  Our physiology demands these of u (air, water, food, shelter).  The second half (starting with movement) of the examples are things that we may be able to live without, but living without them could have a negative impact on our well-being.  Lacking these secondary necessities, it is very common to run into physical and mental health problems.

The interesting part is that we don’t always know these are necessities until we lose them.  We weren’t aware that if we take movement out of our lives, that we would later be unable to move.  We didn’t know that physical touch is necessary for growth, development, and well being until people locked up kids in cages and denied them of it (sad example, I know).

These secondary necessities are what I’m attempting to explore.  Parts of ourselves that may be lost.  Parts of ourselves wherein lies untapped potential.

Our bodies and minds are proven to be very powerful products of nature and evolution.  It’s realistic to say they have been ‘designed’ to withstand nature, move us through nature, and be adaptable to nature.  Thus, by removing nature, we don’t allow these parts of our design to express themselves.  The more comfortable we are, the less we need to adapt.

Homeostasis.  In excess, this is our physical and mental downfall.

I know that there is a part of myself that I do not know.  There is more to me that meets the eye.  That is my human.  And I am curious about it.

If we are open to this fact that we do not know everything, and that we have the ability to inquire, then we can explore our human.

I wonder what we will find out about ourselves.

With Love and Curiosity,


(questions, thoughts??? Email me @ sitwithmitch@gmail.com)

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