You CAN Meditate

You can, I promise, but it’s still your choice.

Here’s what meditation has taught me thus far…

We, humans, are crazy.  We also have an array of different feelings, emotions, and sensations that, mostly, we can’t even put language to.

There’s a common misconception that meditation is about clearing your mind.  Or it’s about just focusing on the breath.  Truth is, there are many different kinds of meditation all with each’s own specific goal.

To be clear, right now I’m not discussing a specific type, I’m laying out only what I’ve learned in my accumulation of meditating.  This is not fact, it’s merely for us to think about and entertain the idea of.

(My) Meditation is sitting with oneself.  Not doing.  Being with one’s current experience.

When we sit and do nothing we are forced into our own consciousness and feeling.  This can be downright frightening, which is why we reach for the phone, remote, or pretzels (aka. distractions).

Think about it, we’re literally avoiding that which we are.  It’s not boredom, it’s the inability to be with ourselves.  I urge you, next time you reach for a distraction, stop yourself and do nothing.  Observe what comes up.  You might reach again in under 20 seconds.  Stop yourself again and observe.  Repeat.

When I do this exercise, I often feel some sort of anxiousness.  Like I need to fill this void right now or life is over.  But life is not over.  What is that distraction going to do for you?  What is it going to take your mind off of?  Ask.  Consider.

When we go to meditate, it can feel like we’re failing or not doing it right because we’re unable to clear the monkey mind from chattering and swinging all over the place.  In fact, this is the point.  What is the chatter?  What is your conversation with yourself?  Observe.

What’s the point of all this?

I think you have to find the purpose yourself.  I’m not sure anybody gets convinced into meditation.

But I will share my opinion and feeling towards it.  If i’m able to sit with myself, I can distinguish what is a distraction and what is a conscious choice.  You ever sit down in front of the TV and *POOF* 2 hours gone.  That starts to not happen so much anymore, and maybe not at all.  When more and more decisions became conscious, I started becoming more and more who I wanted to be.  Hating myself less.

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits for me has been the ability to sit with discomfort or just pure pain.  By sitting with these feelings, over time, I’ve started to develop a relationship with them, and in a way, see through them.  When I experience physical pain, I’m able to recognize that it is just another feeling.  There’s some separation from it.  Same goes for emotional pain.

Meditation has been quite the game changer for me, maybe it could be for you as well.

Remember, I’m open for questions, discussion or perhaps spending some time with you.

Much Love!


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