Sitting with Me

I’ve had a few questions as to what Sit with Mitch means.  I’d like to explain and make an offer.

I live in a world of movement training and self improvement.  In this world, it’s really common to see advice, tips, or how-to’s for just about anything that involves ‘getting better.’   It’s a bit of a roller coaster for me being blasted with all of this information.  Sometimes I love it; I’m all about it.  I’m thrilled all of this great information is being shared and given to those that it would benefit.  Sometimes… It annoys the hell out of me.  It annoys me because I see the same thing over and over, or I see so many conflicting viewpoint’s all claiming truth to their statements.

It’s all funny and contradictory because I am in the space of sharing information myself.

But I want this to be more than that.  Much more.

In my language, I noticed that I often use the phrase ‘sit with.’  If someone offers an idea I’ll say, “hmm, I want to sit with that.”  To me it means – to ponder.  Without going too far into it, I think this pondering is important.  In conversation, sometimes we get so wrapped up into reaction to others that we don’t actually sit with what’s being said.  It’s sort of a rapid response mode.  conversing for the sake of conversing.

Then there is creating conversation.  I recognize that I am still in my learning process.  I am a teacher, but I’m aware that any time I can learn from any body.  So to sit with me means that nobody is teaching.  We, together, are creating a reality.  I can offer my human experience and knowledge, and you can offer me yours.  It’s a conversation.  This open dialogue is important for a lot of us;  I am starting to understand that it really doesn’t exist all that much.

Lastly, getting real and going deep.  It’s not easy to drop under the surface level and weaken the barriers that we have up.  However, we know how helpful it is.  When walking away from a conversation with someone where you really opened up and dug deep, it tends to feel great no matter how hard it was to arrive there.  We shove a lot of shit down, I know.  I’ve done it.  I do it.  The more that gets piled up the closer we are to bursting.  Instead of bursting, let’s exhale that shit out.

It is a doorway to establishing deep, meaningful connection in our lives.  If we want deep, meaningful connection then we have to be willing to share the deepest, most meaningful parts of ourselves.

One of the coolest things I’ve learned is that this can happen with a stranger (i.e. Me).  And it can actually be easier.

As crazy as it sounds, I’ve recognized this type of real conversation as a strength, and I actually enjoy it.  I seek it out and I find it, or it finds me.  I am open to it.  My hope is to create more of it in this world.

So let’s sit, ponder, converse, and go deep.

I invite you to contact me, and to take that as literal as you choose.

Whether that means taking in my blog posts or Instagram posts and giving it the opportunity to resonate with you, replying/commenting, direct messaging, emailing, calling, or setting a coffee date with me…

I invite you to


Instagram @sitwithmitch.

-Mitch Hash

Post Script:  I had my first Sit with Mitch session with this week.  It was super enjoyable to go deep with her and to draw inspiration from each other.




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