Conscious Breathing

Breath has had a bigger impact on my life than any other applied method I’ve implemented to feel and live better.  This includes any movement practice, any eating habit change, or any state of mind I’ve tapped into.  How could that be?  We all breathe.  You’re crazy dude.

Stick with me here…

Conscious Breathing.  It’s a world apart.  Unconscious breathing is like a car with a governor, a world without color.  It works, gets the job done but not like the potential that it has.  I’ll even go a step further and say that it’s as if you’re getting on a plane with no knowledge of where you’re going.  Could be cool.  Could work out.  Could end up in Siberia.

For me, adding conscious breathing to my life has rid me of anxiety (I still get normal spikes but am not in a constant state of anxiety), leveled up my movement and stretching practice, allowed for clarity in uncertain or even frightening circumstance, and has allowed more overall control over myself and my response to the world.  To sum it up, I have more conscious awareness of, well, everything.

Luckily, we breathe without thinking about it.  Can you imagine?

But our ability to take over the breath is where the magic lies.

Think about the situations where it would be beneficial to be in control of your body and mind.  Rock climbing, high pressure sports situations, disagreements with a loved one.  Input any time you feel stressed, breath may help you be a bit more in control.

Conscious breath pulls you into the moment, into the now.  When stress levels increase, the mind starts racing with a million possibilities.  Pay attention next time you’re in this circumstance and you’ll notice that you’re either not breathing or you’re breathing short, fast, and high in the chest or throat.  Consciously breathe and pull yourself back into what is happening right now.

I’ve been in the game for a short time now, but in that short time, I’ve spoken with countless individuals who have healed anxiety, depression, injury, trauma, and even autoimmune disease with breathwork.

I’m not here to tell you how to breathe or to give you breathing exercises and techniques.  Maybe I’ll help you with that in the future.  But for now I hope to help you grasp that conscious breathing is powerful and potentially life altering.

As Wim Hof would say, “Breathe Motherfucker.”


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